“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” 



web design

Your first impression to the world, lets make it count! 


graphic design

The soul never thinks
 without an image. 



Sell, sell, sell...
No, no, no! 

Creating a unique voice is key!

Don’t focus on creating perfect content, but focus on creating relevant content!


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Designs by bdmagic 

My Approach

I am inspired by everything.
The way the sun hits a tree branch can send my mind into an immediate visual
for an invitation design. 

A floral arrangement slowly losing its color creates a palette I will take and turn into a magical story for a website design. 

Listening to you and your story can inspire me to create a visual representing you and your business on paper!

About me

I am the quintessential dreamer. The creative type. My entire life I have been creating and coming up with new ideas. I was born to design. I was raised in an unconventional family dynamic that gave me the tools to make it on my own. My imagination was my playground. I love designing and creating content for all things small business. My visionary mindset and strong critical thinking skills have led me to shake hands with the big guys Mark Cuban, and Daymond John in the field of entrepreneurship. 

Why me?

Making magic happen...

So many people have ideas. So many ideas without a strategy.
So many ideas sitting there waiting for the right time to bloom. 

I created this business to help people understand there is a way to execute your idea even when you don't have all the answers. 

I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people who have the knowledge that you don't. To help piece together the puzzle by tapping into the strengths of others; That is how magic is made!










"Brianna's eye for detail is always spot on. She knows exactly what is aesthetically pleasing and her websites stand out based on the simplicity, creativity, and user-friendly designs she creates. She is fast, professional, and a delight to work with. If anyone is hesitant to hire someone for a revamp or full web-design, I would highly recommend BD Magic as a go-to. I'm all around satisfied with all of her work!"

-Chelsea, Rise & Wine

Brianna is the definition of a “category expert” in the world of Digital Marketing. We partnered with Brianna utilizing her Paid Social Media services (Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads) and immediately began seeing great results. From her high-level strategy, set up and execution, campaign monitoring and optimizations, and weekly high-level performance reporting … she aced it through and through! What matters most to us as clients aside from ROI,  is the relationship and TRUST we find in our strategic partners. Brianna’s communication style, response time, and proactiveness of thinking for the brand is what makes her such a valuable, trustworthy partner. We would totally recommend her service to any business looking for exponential growth in the digital marketing space."

– Founder/CEO of Justin Phu Media.

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