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  • Implemented a funnel strategy that took my client from a monthly average of 9 purchases to 120+ and turned their $2k ad spend into $30,000+ month-over-month in return for MotoMachines

  • Produced strategy and creative that resulted in consistent CTR's over 3-4% (shout-out to them for having an easy to love product though!) 

  • The below screenshot is the average data for 67 campaigns from July - December 2020 for MotoMachines.


  • Responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the social media marketing strategy across the U.S. for Hills Bros. Coffee, Hills Bros. Cappuccino, and Chock full o'Nuts
    • Redefined and optimized their approach to paid, owned, and earned social media content

    • Doubled organic weekly engagement, tripled revenue ROI on paid social media, and increased weekly reach by 30% in the first year

      • For Chock full o'Nuts specifically increasing impressions and engagement by over 860% in the first 6 months. 

      • A rave review from the brand that my dynamic ads look" like a real money-making machine” allowing the funneling of a continued monthly ad spend. Giving them a return on ad spend of almost 3x on Facebook

    • Innovating and identifying social media trends and opportunities proactively and creatively

    • Oversaw planning from end to end delivery of Social Media campaigns to drive reach, engagement, and commercial ROI

    • Management of creative and was responsible for the creative output across social media campaign

  • Converting 821 new email sign-ups during a three-month campaign from cold traffic optimizing for Hills Bros. Cappuccino

  • For a multi-million dollar automotive client, I upped their link clicks from 56 to 507 and their landing page views from 6 to 287 as well as more than 5x their view rate on their videos and upped their website sessions and users by nearly 30%.

  • Saved another client on average a $1 per click and upped their reach by 1,000-4,000 people.

  • And another client turned page likes from 6 to 143 per campaign, reaching almost 2x the number of people they were reaching before leading to more quality leads and conversions.

  • Directed and was the lead on an influencer marketing strategy for one of the worlds largest outdoor furniture manufacturers Agio International

  • Determined and managed budgets for paid social campaigns and social content production

  • Executed on-going design of engaging organic content for more than five clients at a time

"Brianna is the definition of a “category expert” in the world of Digital Marketing. We partnered with Brianna utilizing her Paid Social Media services (Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads) and immediately began seeing great results. From her high-level strategy, set up and execution, campaign monitoring and optimizations, and weekly high-level performance reporting … she aced it through and through! What matters most to us as clients aside from ROI,  is the relationship and TRUST we find in our strategic partners. Brianna’s communication style, response time, and proactiveness of thinking for the brand is what makes her such a valuable, trustworthy partner. We would totally recommend her service to any business looking for exponential growth in the digital marketing space."


"Working with Brianna has been nothing but a positive experience for us. She was able to create a revenue stream we didn’t know existed since we previously tried social ads and got very little from them. Turns out you just have to find somebody who knows what they are doing! At first, we were skeptical because of how well the campaigns were doing but this was quickly backed up with the report measures put in place. With only an adspend of $2k a month, we've received well over $30k in return! AND month over month we're still on the rise! Thanks, BD Magic!" 
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