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White Gradient




Radford University 

Bachelors of Science in Communications

I have seen the aches and pains, and very exciting successes, that come from growing a business from the ground up. I have worked 10+ years for a small business that grew to #1 in a million-dollar territory. I have helped national household brands create a lasting impression in the digital world. I've worked in the fast-paced world of an advertising agency, and I have also worked in the very-slow corporate setting at a local newspaper. I have created a product, filed a patent, created business plans, and my entrepreneurial background has led me to shake hands with the big guys, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John. 



VCU Brandcenter

Master of Science in Business/Branding Experience Design

I’ve worked alongside small business owners - like myself - to bring their branding blueprints to life for the past eight years. Logos, branding and identity, digital design, and traditional media are my areas of expertise, and making textiles is my passion. Working in various customer service roles throughout college gave me a taste of what people seek from their experiences; the rest is intuitive.


The mission & movement behind bdmagic has remained the same since we started. We wanted to put affordable agency-level design, tried & true strategy, and marketing solutions that work - back into the hands of business owners. Our team of two allows for low overhead, on-demand workflow processes, and quick turnaround times.  We're here to help promote your brand, grow your following, make sales and drive conversions, develop your content strategy, and give you a beautiful website that encompasses all of the above.

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