• Brianna

Sharing My Social Secrets

Let me just start with…I've done a terrible job at marketing…myself. Which is embarrassing, since that’s what I am – a marketer… (the most fun kind of course! LOL) But seriously, with so much going on sometimes my Social Media Marketing often goes unnoticed.

I know so many people have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to social media advertising, and I also know after digging in, WHY they do.

SURPRISE: 9 times out of 10 it’s because they aren’t using sophisticated methods to create campaigns, and their campaigns fail. 

Why do you think Facebook is so rich?! Well for a lot of reasons, but to start they’re rich because so many people are throwing money at them hoping their ads will work. And most of the time these ads with $$$ behind them are ads that never convert, with copy and content without an audience. With the hopes of ‘boosting’ to get likes, with the hopes of ______…okay I’ll stop this could go on a while.

So for the first secret I’ll spill…

Boosting a post won’t get you the brand value you are looking for.

And the second secret, neither will running page like campaigns. 


Because when you use these strategies, you are targeting only “clicky” users. “Clicky” users are typically 5.5x more expensive – this because only 10% of people on Facebook are “clicky” and you’re competing with every other advertiser on the platform who also targets this sub-set of users. (IE: limiting the reach of your overall audience!)

Despite “clicky” users being more expensive, there is no correlation between someone “clicking” an ad and driving brand awareness or conversions.

Secret number 3:

Consider more meaningful metrics for success, like brand recall & reach. More specifically, target users who are either likely to pay attention to your ad (Brand Awareness objective), watch your video (Video Views objective) or extend reach to a hypermarket (Reach Objective).

Secret number 4: 

Just call me.

Let me do the dirty work. The optimizing, the copy, the content, the correct audience segments, and the back-end sophisticated marketing you NEED.

Secret number 5:

You’ll get qualified leads, you’ll reach new audiences, YOU WILL make money! (And then you call back 10 more times because it worked.) 


  • Organic posting means nothing.

  • Long gone are the days of posting without a strategy, or without putting money behind it.

  • DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE. Audience fatigue is REAL…and let me tell you if you are just setting and forgetting and boosting to the SAME audience every single time (because you’ve saved it and it’s easy) then STOP!

  • Choose brand awareness and reach objectives instead of ‘like campaigns!’

  • Don’t compete with every other advertiser on the platform who also targets the sub-set ‘clicky’ users by boosting.

  • And last but not least, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. (AKA - ME)

Anyway, thanks for listening. As a treat, I am dropping my DIRECT line for all your social needs. Feel free to email me, ask questions, complain about Facebook, whatever you want, I am here when you need me.

—> Your social media guru, Brianna.

(P.S: this blog post only covers a TINY, incy wincy, minuscule portion of Social advertising. I could write an entire novel on what to do, and what not to do on social platforms. But 100% you’ve already stopped reading this far. And if not, email me, you’re my type of client. )

(P.P.S: And if you are worried about Privacy check out this new article from AdWeek detailing the new Privacy and Data hub dropping in the next couple months!)