Radford University 

Bachelors of Science in Communications


I have seen the aches and pains, and very exciting successes, that come from growing a business from the ground up. I have created my own business, and I have let one go. I have worked 10+ years for a small business that grew to #1 in a million dollar territory. I have helped national household name brands create a lasting impression in the social world. I've worked in the fast-paced world of an advertising agency, and I have also worked in the very-slow corporate setting at a local newspaper. I have created a product, filed a patent, created business plans, and many marketing strategies for many small businesses. All of these chapters leading me to where I am now, owning my own company and helping you realize your business goals and giving you insight to what really works!


Expert in Photoshop

Expert in Paid Social & Social Media management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn

About Me

"Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible."

-Carol Moseley Braun